Smoke Barrel Wood Cubes


1 cup of red wine vinegar

1 Lemon

1small piece of Ginger

1 Large Glass


1. Chop ginger into small pieces and mix with red wine vinegar

2. Cut lemon into wedges

3. shuck 1 Oyster

4. Place glass, three wood cubes, and oyster on a cedar plank

5. Heat the wood cubes with a torch for 10 seconds and immediately cover with glass allowing the glass to fill with smoker

6. wait 20 seconds before moving the smoke filled glass over the oyster

7. wait one minute for the oyster to absorb the smoke before adding a small spoon of Ginger and Vinegar.

8. Add a small squeeze of lemon

9. Bottoms up

Place your glass, 3 wood cubes, and shucked oyster onto a cedar plank