Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Smoke Barrels made from?

Each barrel is made from Oak wood.  Wine barrels are typically used for between 3-5 years, Smoke Barrel then purchases the barrels from the wineries for conversion into Smoke Barrels

How do you regulate Heat and Air Flow?

Each Smoke Barrel has two vents located at the base of the barrel that can be opened or closed to allow air into the charcoal.  Each barrel also has two chrome exhaust pipes on top that can be regulated with the Barrel plugs that accompany each order.  Temperature can be regulated by opening and closing the vents.

Can it stay outside all year round?

Yes! The Smoke Barrel can be left on your patio all year round, and it even comes with a cover to protect it against the rain and snow.

Why doesn't it catch on fire?

The smoke barrel runs on charcoal and wood chips in a semi-closed environment which means that there is no open flames.  Each barrel is also designed to elevate the charcoal from the wood, reducing any direct heat transfer, and in the event of spilt charcoal or over heating, the base of the barrel is lined with metal to protect and insulate the wood.

How long will it last?

We built the first Smoke Barrel about three years ago and is still used every month.  We expect between 5-7 year or longer depending on the usage.

How does the barrel stay together?

Each barrel is held together with over 100 bolts that hold every single piece of wood together in at least four places.  This helps preserve the shape and look of the barrel as the wood drys out or changes shape over time.

What is the return policy?

Once your smoker has been used for the first time it is no longer eligible for return (kind of like buying a pair of underwear).