About Us

Pushing the Boundaries of Smoked Food

Smoke Barrel started as an idea to combine the best of wine and food. With this in mind we built our first wine barrel smoker on the deck of our cabin and after countless lake side pulled pork sandwiches we decided it was time to share our experience with the world.

Our mission is to expand the ideas of what a Smoker is.  From how they look, to how the function, and especially how the food tastes, our products are your tools for experimentation, exploration, and adventure.

Contact info:

Phone: 403 860 0169

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Meet The Team

Zachary Hartley- President

While studying at university and working a second job, Zac founded Smoked Barrel with a desire to expand peoples idea of Smoked Food.  Inspired by a home made Wine Barrel Smoker that he and his father built on the deck of the family cabin, Zac has now taken the original idea from conception and turned it into a purpose driven organization focused on innovation and experimentation.

Nicholas White- Executive Vice President

As an ambitious entrepreneur with experience and knowledge at multiple levels of business operations, Nicholas White is the backbone of Smoke Barrel.  With extensive management and operations experience, Nick coordinates the day to day operations and supply chain of Smoke Barrel production and development.  

Brent Kadler- Vice President

With over 15 years of experience as a sought after project manager in the Alberta Oil & Gas Industry, Brent brings real world business experience and expertise to the Smoke Barrel Team. With a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Brent understands the principles of value engineering and has applied them to optimize the manufacturing process for Smoke Barrel. Brent has drawn on his past experience to build Smoke Barrels back end shipping and logistics fulfillment system into a well-oiled machine.

Joel Jelinski- Vice President

With his Engineering degree in hand and a mind that never stops turning out new ideas, Joel is consistently pushing Smoke Barrel to improve and expand into new areas and partnerships.  Beginning his career as a serial entrepreneur with a successful startup in his back pocket, Joel is ready to conquer the world of Smokers and wood chips.